Evolve Age Defying Facial at Aesthetics 11 in Green Point Cape Town

Evolve Age defying Facial

Evolve Age Defying Facial at Aesthetics 11 in Green Point Cape Town

For somebody that grew up thinking that soap was all you needed when it came to skin care, I’m proud to say that I have come a long way since then!

I recently had the opportunity and privilege to work with one of Cape Town’s most highly esteemed Skin Care Clinics, Aesthetics 11 Skin & Body Clinic. – formally known as Legs 11 – ring a bell? I’m sure it might.

About a week ago, the A11 Team and I worked closely together in putting together their official brand re-launch event – #EvolveWithUs, celebrating their new branding, clinic, website and of course, products and promotions now readily available to the public. It was at this time that I became aware of their new signature facial from The Venus Concept & Lamelle Research Laboratories, the ‘Evolve’ Facial. How absolutely fitting I thought! Anyhoo – amidst putting together an event and trying to maintain that ‘I woke up like this’ look, I carried on with my usual work duties.

Now, I have NEVER had a facial in my entire life and I am in my mid twenties! My usual skin regime is a wash and cleanse with the Lamelle ‘Clarity’ range (stay tuned for more about this), moisturiser and of course some sunscreen to kick-start the day. It wasn’t until the A11 team invited me to try their ‘Evolve’ facial that I released that my skin might be needing more than just the usual wash and moisturise – especially now that I am getting older (wrinkle cream suggestions welcome).

As you can imagine, I was SO excited to finally be having a facial and some skin treatment. I even went as far as arriving well prepared for the day, hitting work up with a fresh, clean face, and yes, the ‘are you not wearing makeup today?’ questions flew right in. Never get’s old.  (Side note: How amazing does it feel to not have to wear heavy concealers during the day? Yes to fresh and clean!)

Moving along. I arrived at the A11 Skin & Body clinic and conducted my 30 minute skin assessment (which is complimentary by the way) where a therapist will hear your concerns and put together a skin plan from start to finish, including which products you should be using, suggested treatments to try and a few other skin care tips you might need. Awesome! Having worked with the team during their event, it was lovely to see everyone again and the aura was well relaxed but still extremely professional.

Anneri was my therapist and she would be conducting my facial – let me just say right here and now that the woman’s hands are made of butter! Naturally of course. For a first time facial gal, I was in my element.

The Evolve facial is broken up into two separate stages. First, you are treated with the new Venus Freeze Plus (Mp)2 Skin Tightening technology which combines multipolar radiofrequency with pulsed electromagnetic fields to firm and tighten the skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, lift and contour cheeks and jawline and give the skin a more youthful and fresh glow.

How it works is that the radiofrequency heat energy creates a controlled thermal injury to the skin tissue which stimulates the bodies own natural healing process for tissue renewal and regeneration. This starts with heat therapy contracting existing collagen fibres whilst also stimulating fibroblast cells to remodel and generate new healthy collagen to replace the damaged collagen. At the same time the pulsed electromagnetic fields also puts the skin into healing mode, increasing circulation and bringing more provide more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues which helps to enhance the work of the chemical peel, and aids in less downtime after the peel. This system targets each area for about 7 minutes and is circulated with slow movements. The sensation is warm on the skin and makes you want to fall asleep! I can’t wait to see the results.

The second part of the Evolve Facial is the superficial chemical peel by Lamelle Research Laboratories, which speeds up your skin’s own renewal process removing old, damaged cells on the skin surface, allowing fresher, healthier-looking skin to appear – think of it as a “reboot” for your skin!  It improves your skin’s complexion, texture and hydration and plumps fine lines, giving you a beautiful smooth lumnious effect.

The Evolve facial ends with a Lamelle facial mask and moisturiser to further boost the skin and replenish antioxidants. The range smells like heaven and is soft and silky on the skin. You will spend approximately about 75 min in the salon for the entire treatment, and it will be well worth every minute. Trust me! You don’t want it to end.

Your skin will feel amazing after a single session but a course of 6 sessions is recommended to achieve the long-term collagen induction effect, with maximum anti-ageing results seen from 3-6 months after the end of course .

After your therapist applies the last touch of sunscreen onto your face – you may as well float out of the clinic. Your skin is left looking and feeling soft, smooth and gentle. Not to mention that ‘glow’ everyone seems to have inside the clinic. It’s all coming together now…

The great news is that everyone can be apart of the #A11Evolution as you can receive this facial for less 20% off up until the end of April 2018! Get in touch with one of their amazing therapists and allow them to walk you through a carefully created skin plan to help better and revitalise your skin health.

First time facial-goers? I would definitely recommend this treatment for you.