Forget fad diets, expensive slimming shakes & bars, stimulants or hormone injections – Dr Wikus Pretorius has partnered with Integrative Health Specialist Dr Wian Stander, to offer a life-changing natural & holistic, medical weight loss programme.

The Healthy U Medical Weight Loss Programme combines natural homeopathic and vitamin-based supplements and injections, with an anti-inflammatory, low calorie eating plan so that you can live your healthiest, most nutritious life. HealthyU keeps it simple by focusing on eating real, natural and whole foods to help you reach your goal weight comfortably and assist you to keep the weight off permanently!  The proven and sustainable results of this programme have been demonstrated successfully throughout South Africa for many years.


The HealthyU Programme comprises of 4 elements:


1. Low Calorie Anti-inflammatory Meal plan – (Female = ≤1000Cal or Male = ≤1500Cal)

Calorie rich, sugary or processed foods are replaced with a low calorie diet of whole, nutrient-rich foods that reduce the inflammatory response (avoiding gluten, sugar, fat, dairy and preservatives) . This essentially helps the body switch off the “fat storage signal” (insulin spikes) and lower cellular information.


2. Two state of the art Nutraceutical supplements :
  1. Lipo-assist daily Injection: 

A natural, safe homoeopathic remedy which increases the metabolic rate, helping to speed up weight loss and get rid of unwanted cms, ultimately resulting in complete body reshaping, while rejuvenating your cells from within. Tried and tested over many decades, it is clinically proven to be one of the more effective weight reduction approaches available.

  1. Gluco-assist oral supplement

Chromium Food supplement to increase energy levels, speed up weight loss and control cravings


3. Adequate Hydration (2,5 – 4 litres per day) to detoxify the body 


4. Energy Expenditure  (light exercise 20-30 min 4-5 x week e.g. brisk walk & de-Stress) 

Dr Wikus Pretorius will explain all the elements in regards to the HealthyU Programme as well as answer any questions you may have and teach you how to inject yourself with the Lipolytic Injection on a daily basis. This process itself is completely pain-free and takes seconds to administer.


What you will love about HealthyU Medical Weight Loss Programme? 
  • Based on holistic, integrative health approach
  • Safe & easy to follow for sustainable results
  • Free from slimming shakes, stimulants and hormones
  • All products are natural & herbal plant extract derivatives.
  • Also suitable for vegetarians / vegans


What does the monthly programme include?
  • A monthly medical examination by Dr Wikus Pretorius  (2 in the first month)
  • A biweekly weigh-in by one of our weight loss consultants
  • Lipo-Assist injections for 28 days (including needles)
  • Gluco-assist daily supplement
  • Eating plans, recipe examples
  • Guidance, motivation and support
  • A maintenance program
  • HealthyU What’s app support group

Dr. Wikus Pretorius and  the Aesthetics 11 team will help you set your weight loss goals and not only help you successfully start your weight loss journey but also keep you on track with regular weigh ins and monitoring of your weight loss and any other health problems you may have.

What is the price of the programme?

The first month of the programme costs R2350  (all inclusive) and subsequent months are charged at R1900 per month. Take advantage of  the 10% discounted launch special and  pay only R2150 for month 1 and R1700 for month 2 until the end of November 2018

What is the schedule of appointments?

In the first month, you will have an initial medical weight loss consultation with Dr Wikus Pretorius followed by a second  follow-up visit with the Doctor after 2 weeks. 

Thereafter weigh-in appointments will be scheduled with your weight loss consultant every 2 weeks plus a follow-up Medical consultation once a month with Dr Wikus Pretorius, until your goal weight is achieved.

What are the benefits of HealthyU? 

The following benefits may be derived from HealthyU, subject to the supplement combinations you choose and your own effort:

Weight Loss

Burns fat and reduces fat formation (improved insulin effect)

Body contouring

Regulates blood sugar levels

Suppresses appetite

Helps reduce sugar cravings

Enhances mental vitality & performance

Assists in healthy ageing

Improves concentration & memory

Improves general health & well-being

Improves the immune system

Enhances body’s own hormonal balances (male & female)

How long until I see results?

Results may already be evident by day 3 with the average losses seen up to 1 – 1,1 kg per week. That equates to an average of up to 4 – 6,8 kg per month. (Results may vary and are patient specific)

How long is the programme and what results can I expect?

The program duration will vary depending on the patient starting weight, but the average journey lasts between 12 – 20 weeks, with some patients who have larger weight loss goals, staying on the program for up to 12 months.

Who is a candidate?

This program can be used in anyone male or female of any age who is trying to lose weight. From the patient that has that last 5 kg’s of stubborn fat to lose to the more obese patient that has 50kgs to lose.

Do I need to buy special foods?

No it is normal food you buy at a supermarket.

Does the HealthyU program really work or is it just another fad diet?

It is a medical program managed professionally by doctors in their practices. The combinations of the principles on the program work and have been successful throughout SA for many years. Trust the process!

Is the program safe and effective?

The nutraceutical supplement range has superior bioavailability due to the Amino Acid Chelated complexes. The Medicine Control Council (MCC) has endorsed the range by assigning it to the Nappi code system.