Have you become uncomfortably aware of the appearance of fine lines, a change in your skin’s texture, or simply notice your face is starting to lose its’ battle against gravity? After the age of 30 there is a noticeable change in one’s skin, as it produces less collagen and elastin and the structural framework of the skin deteriorates.

But help is here! Whist ageing is inevitable, there are ways to slow down the ageing process so that you may age as beautifully as you can. Head over to Aesthetics 11 for a complimentary anti-ageing skin analysis and receive your customised treatment program of Dermapen collagen induction treatments to help prevent and correct the signs of ageing.

Read on to find out how Dermapen microneedling treatments can take
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After 3 sessions


After 3 sessions

What happens as we age?

As we age the number and activity of your fibroblasts (the skin’s youth cells) decrease, resulting in the deterioration of your skin’s collagen & elastin levels. Sun exposure also increases the production of damaged elastin tissue, which further blocks fibroblast functioning. In fact your collagen declines at a rate of about 1,5% per year from the age of 25! Without any intervention, your fibroblast activity and collagen level has already significantly changed by the age of 40 and by the age of 60 it has largely declined.

As a result the skin’s collagen and elastin matrix (like the mattress of the skin), which provides firmness and structure, starts to break down. The skin starts to lose its natural elasticity and firmness and it does not “bounce” back to its line-free state.

The levels of growth factors also decline with age, slowing down the skin’s ability to repair and heal itself. The result is skin damage and the visible signs of ageing – skin becomes thinner, rougher and starts to sag and fine lines, wrinkles and eventually deep furrows start to appear.

So what can I do to slow down and reverse the ageing process?

In the same way you need physical exercise to maintain your muscles, your fibroblasts need to be “stimulated” to keep producing collagen and elastin, so they don’t fall asleep on the job. So how do we do this? With collagen induction treatments like Dermapen microneedling the fibroblasts can be “induced” by creating a controlled injury to the skin, which causes the skin to heal and repair itself naturally.

Here’s everything you need to know about Dermapen:

How does Dermapen Collagen Induction therapy work?

The Dermapen™, an innovative device for doing microneedling treatments, needles the skin down to the dermis (active layer of the skin) with very fine microneedles, which creates tiny columns of injury.

This results in a flood of fibroblasts to the area, release of growth factors to rebuild and repair the skin and allows for the removal of damaged tissue in the area by immune cells (marcophages).

Treatments are done using a hyaluronic acid serum and a combination of different active ingredients may also be added that penetrate deep into the dermal layer, further supporting collagen and elastin production. The depth of needling, the area to be treated and the skin concern would all determine the exact course of treatment and the products used during a particular course of treatments.

What does Dermapen treat?

It is excellent treatment for all round skin rejuvenation: improvement of skin tone, texture and thickness, skin tightening / firming, improvement of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, management of pigmentation, acne and acne scarring. It is also an excellent treatment for stretch marks and post-surgical scarring.

When should I start Dermapen treatments?

An Age prevention strategy, with early intervention and maintenance whilst your still fibroblasts cells are still plentiful, is best. Collagen production is similar to how baldness must be prevented – start before the loss of fibroblast activity is too great that the only treatment that will help is a plastic surgery!

How often you need to do it?

There isn’t a specified number of treatments for a particular skin concern, but a starting course would be at least 3 treatments 6-8 weeks apart. It is important that stimulation occurs every 6 to 8 weeks in order to maintain the fibroblast activity!

What should I expect?

A medical grade numbing cream is applied for at least 30 minutes prior to the treatment , so the experience is relatvely pain-free. This treatment definitely involves some downtime, with redness of the skin for between 48 hours and a few days (“a sunburn look”). This can however be covered with a medical concealer that is applied immediately after a treatment. Within 3 days you should experience an overall tightening of the treated area and can expect smoother, more refreshed and youthful skin.

When will I see the full results?

Collagen remodeling takes at least 90 days, so the skin will continue to improve for up to 3 to 6 months following a course of at least 3 full treatments.

Maintenance treatments?

The results are long lasting, but they will not stop the process of aging. Fibroblast activity will start to decline again after your Dermapen course if you don’t intervene. Thus it is recommended to do maintenance treatments every 3 to 4 months to maintain collagen and elastin production in the skin.

What is the difference between Aesthetics 11’s Standard Dermapen and Advanced Dermapen treatments?

Our standard Dermapen microneedling treatment uses the gold standard Hyaluronic acid serum. Our advanced Dermapen combination treatments combine microneedling with mesotherapy, using specially formulated, scientifically researched, sterile cocktails of active ingredients to enhance the needling action and target specific skin concerns e.g. ageing / skin laxity, Pigmentation, Acne etc . Whilst we needle, we are creating 1296 channels on the skin that allow the passage of these active ingredients to the deeper dermal layers of the skin. These channels close spontaneously after 60-90 minutes.

Advanced Options include:

Brightening Dermapen:

With depigmentation serum containing 4 active pigment blocking ingredients to treat hyperpigmentation

Facial Firming Dermapen:

With facial tightening serum containing a blend of active ingredients to treat photo-ageing, skin laxity & fine lines

Acne Scar or Stretch Mark Repair Dermapen:

With scar repair serum to help break up fibrous and uneven scar tissue and encourage the growth of new healthy tissue.

Advanced anti-ageing techniques such as Dermapen can take years off your face and keep your skin looking younger than you actually are!


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What really slows down ageing?

Dermapen Microneedling is an excellent all-round skin rejuvenation treatment to help prevent and correct the signs of ageing: